Is Culture fit really that important for StartUps

Cultural fit has become the buzzword for businesses during the hiring process. Candidates who qualify, slip right into the aligned values of a team; sharing interests and socialistic behaviour. Yes, finding cultural alignment is a priority, but I’m not convinced of the terms green light power for job acquisition. Maybe your next best hire borders the outskirts of the status quo.

One experience I struggle to understand is when a lack of “cultural fit” determines THE reason a talented individual does not fulfil a role.

Roundabout Group partners with business owners and founders who are Melbourne visionaries. Real people who want to change the world. Entrepreneurs who have the ability to do so.

These businesses inspire me to get out of bed in the morning and drive me to be apart of their growth. Along the way, the super humans who run these businesses need to find new ways to innovate and evolve. They are required to recruit and connect with other super humans to create new ways of doing things. Agitating systems by breaking outside of collective views.

If we confine new inventors to the conformity of a cultural fit, maybe the real masterminds will never be hired. By employing individuals who only identify with a dominant culture are we encouraging the best opportunity to influence change? For diversity and inclusion of ideas? For creativity? Originality? The ideal fit may be someone who stands out and provides a new perspective.

A while back, I watched this video by Wharton Professor Adam Grant, and it resonated with me. “YES!!! I thought. What innovators need are Cultural Contributors!”

I encourage everyone I meet to watch this video. It’s my little “Your Welcome” to all the visionaries and innovators and Hiring Managers I work with. This may also assist you in understanding the way I work. I don’t want to present you with candidates that fit. I want to introduce you to a diverse range of people who are looking to change the world, just like you