Community Driven Recruitment

There’s something special about the inner workings of the tech community. The hum of a society led by engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators and unicorns.

Over the years, I have become ingrained as an active member of the startup community in Melbourne. I care about the people within it and the success of their ideas. This relationship empowers me to understand the motivations of talented candidates and StartUp leaders alike.

A commonality for agents is to work on the periphery; Considered as outsiders, who do not understand the industry they recruit for. We’ve all seen tech recruiters, suited and booted, fleeting in and out of client offices with a compendium in hand. Meanwhile, their client, sporting a modest t-shirt and sneakers.

My approach is a little different, and I made the decision to embed myself into the ecosystem of entrepreneurs to allow for greater insight to how they hire, why the process is often an intensive one, and why they hire the ‘unicorns’ if you will.

I love working with early stage startups, teams on the cusp of launch phase or hidden in stealth mode. Working inside a co-working space enables me to build trust with the clients I recruit for – A place where I act as a partner working towards a common goal.

In recruitment, word of mouth referrals and reputation precede you. Sometimes, beyond your digital footprint or agency name. The first year I started Roundabout Group I didn’t have a website – the irony of this statement is not lost on me – but I did have a community. To date, my community has proven far more valuable.

I encourage all technical & digital recruiters to get out there and try working inside the community for a while. See the radical inventions created by startups. Become a member contributing to the inspirational buzz, beyond just attending Meetups and events.

It is a predisposition for StartUp communities to share and collaborate. That is why I’d like to share this experience with you.

What these clients will learn from you is that you are a human, not another recruiter. You are offering a different engagement, and hopefully the potential to change an industry perspective. A personality; a friend; eager to connect them to their people. In this way, they will embrace you, teach you about their world and want to work WITH you.

If you’re a fellow recruiter or a startup in need of a few extra players for your team, let’s connect.

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